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An experienced team dedicated to offer you the best service

Sam Safavi

Sam Safavi started his career in the financial sector in 2004 and worked as an investment advisor and portfolio manager…


Raphaël Ursi

Raphael Ursi has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector as an asset manager and senior

ESG Manager

Ronak Ahmadloo

Ronak Ahmadloo is not your typical finance colleague. Although she spent most of her career in investment banking…


Marketa Rusenkova

Marketa Rusenkova has joined our team in 2017 strengthening our company at the administrative level with her 10 years of experience in logistics administration…

Investment Committee Member

Luc Picarelle

Luc Picarelle started his career in the financial sector in 1987 and worked as an Investment Advisor at Puilatco Dewaay and KBC Brussels till 1998…

Portfolio Manager

Mathieu Ganado

Born in France and brought up in sunny Malta, Mathieu began his career in wealth management and fund custody before moving to further his experience in Investment Management…

Risk Manager

Max Hilton

Max Hilton returned to Guernsey from New York in 2008 and formed the predecessor firm to Clarus Risk…

Business Developer

Pierre-Paul Le Clercq

Pierre-Paul Le Clercq has a financial management degree from HEC Saint Louis (1991). He worked as manager and company engineer, and he is a founding partner of private investment structures…

Compliance Manager

Aid Compliance

In response to regulatory changes over the past years, AID Compliance Ltd has made it its mission to assist Financial firms…