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Our Story

Raphaël Ursi started his career in 1998 in the financial sector at ING Belgium. After holding various positions as portfolio manager in the private banking department and holding the position of Manager of Investments for the region of Limburg-Leuven, he decided to move to Deutsche Bank in 2009, where he was gradually made responsible for the “Investment Advice” department. In this function, he was responsible for the investment strategy within private and personal banking, the monitoring of risks in client portfolios and both internal and external communication on financial markets and investment strategy.

During this period, he met Sam Safavi, who also worked at Deutsche Bank. In 2009, Sam Safavi decided to leave the bank and became a consultant specialising in investment advice in the insurance sector. Sam also obtained an FSMA license as an insurance broker, I4G Partners BV. During this period, Sam became aware of the need for good asset managers, who could assist the insurance brokers with transparent, independent and good advice while keeping in mind the long-term relationship between the broker and his client.

On a sunny afternoon, Sam and Raphaël discussed the idea of filling this gap in the market and both decided to join an independent Luxembourg asset management company where they formed a team servicing insurance brokers.

Due to a different vision and strategy, the two founders decided to leave the Luxembourg asset management company and to create their own asset management company, specifically targeting the independent insurance broker segment. In 2014, they submitted an application file to the authorities and were subsequently granted two additional licences during 2016, namely for the asset management company Invest4Growth Asset Management and the Ucits fund MFP SIcav plc.