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Exceeding your investment performance

Patronale Life Future Stability

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The Patronale Life Future Stability fund represents a diversified portfolio that invests in different assets such as stocks, bonds or listed real estate but does so through so-called ETFs or trackers (Exchange Traded Funds). An ETF is a passively managed investment fund that tracks a particular index as closely as possible. Thus, there are both bond and stock indices. The major advantage of these passive investment vehicles is that these funds do not have to pay an active manager, which greatly reduces costs. In other words, Patronale Life Future Stability uses the most inexpensive investment instruments to build a highly diversified portfolio. In addition, Patronale Future Stability Fund is very actively managed, with the weights of the different trackers in the portfolio being rebalanced every month. During this rebalancing, more expensive assets are sold in favor of cheaper ones. The fund invests globally to take maximum advantage of possible opportunities. A globally diversified portfolio also leads to a better risk-return ratio. This rebalancing is done according to a fixed strategy, so that human emotions are eliminated as much as possible. After all, consistent implementation of the investment strategy is essential to achieving excellent investment results in the long term.

The Patronale Life Future Stability fund is therefore a unique investment fund in the market. After all, ETFs are not actively promoted by the banks as the banks like to charge management commissions themselves, so ETFs are traditionally only reserved for the “do-it-yourselfers”. Reducing costs within the fund is therefore a primary reason for achieving better returns, in addition to the consistent investment strategy employed. The fact that the fund is offered in an insurance wrapper also offers other advantages, including an appropriate tax regime.

Advantages Patronale Life Future Stability

1) Autobalance

One of the common questions for investors is when it is best to put profits on the safe side and/or when to enter the market? Patronale Life Future Stability fund offers you the opportunity to actively invest in passive investment vehicles (ETFs).

Patronale Life Future Stability fund will rebalance the portfolio every month.

This active management has several advantages:

2) ESG: investing sustainably

The acronym ESG is a term related to sustainable investing and stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. Environmental (E) focuses on things as climate change, CO2 emissions, water use and waste disposal. Social (S) focuses on working conditions, access to healthcare and privacy. Governance (G) covers issues such as board diversity, remuneration policy, shareholder protection and accountancy standards.

Patronale Life Future Stability fund will preferentially invest in ETFs that invest sustainably according to ESG criteria whenever possible so that returns and sustainability can be realized together.

3) Costs and taxes

ETFs are low-cost instruments that allow investors to build a widely diversified portfolio in a single transaction. ETFs, also known as trackers, are passive investment vehicles.

The ongoing charges for the ETFs amount to between 0.20% and 0.25% per year, depending on the investment profile, and are included in your investment result. These ongoing charges are incorporated in the prices of the ETFs.

Furthermore, there are no transaction fees for the monthly rebalancing. The fact that this fund is offered in an insurance policy also means that you benefit from favourable taxation (no stock exchange duty, withholding tax or capital gains tax).

4) Investment profile

The risk profile of Patronale Life Future Stability always remains the same thanks to the monthly rebalancing. The fund will therefore always be Mifid compliant with the risk profile of your clients.