Raphael’s 5 favorite stocks – De Tijd/L’Echo – October 2021

Discover Raphaël Ursi’s 5 favorite stocks. In line with the investment strategy of MFP Raphael’s Ethical Choice Fund, all of the selected stocks are financially solid and have tangible growth prospects. Whether they are in the raw materials, construction, or new technology sectors, they rely on a sustainability approach to ensure the durability and profitability of their activities.

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Source: De Tijd / L’Echo

Sam’s Interview – Citywire Selector September 2021

Thematic investing has never been an investment proposal of Invest4Growth Asset Management, as we believe sector-specific investments limit investment opportunities considerably. We therefore favour a global approach to investment where all interesting themes are given credit without focusing on any specifically. This gives clients the opportunity to benefit from our management expertise through a bottom-up selection of international growth stocks with sound fundamentals. In our opinion, thematic investing tends to make managers less accountable to clients who are often ill-informed about the major themes that will shape tomorrow’s society.

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